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Bowtix took its name with the word bowtie in mind. The last letter was intentionally replaced with the letter "x" to symbolize a bow tie icon ⋈. Hence, the brand Bowtix!


Our products are meticulously hand crafted (unless otherwise stated) with designer cotton fabrics curated from over the world; lined for durability yet comfortable and pliable for fur kids to wear daily. Each product is one-of-a-kind with different cuts of the fabric and often discontinued when the particular fabric is used up.

The latest Bouffant Bow dog collar, is what sets us apart from the rest. Give it a go and see for yourself the efforts that we put into making Bowtix accessories perfect for your fur kids.



I always have an immense love for animals and handmade crafts since I was a girl. In the days when I was a cabin crew, I get to bask in wonderful fabric stores in different parts of the world to collect fabrics and seek inspirations on how to provide a refreshing alternative to unfortunate looking pet collars for my cat-son, Rice. Then in a chanced opportunity, I was finally able to put everything together for an event and it all started!

Bowtix have then expanded from handmade cat collars to a budding collection of dog collars for petite-size pups to medium-size dogs. We also launched our very own in-house designed and manufactured collection that is exclusive to Bowtix for owners looking to have sturdier collars. Hence, providing owners with a wider selections and friendlier price!


We are small local business managed solely by me, Cynthia and my precious cat-son, whose task is mainly to relax on top of the stacks of lovely Bowtix fabrics to observe his busy mom.


Rice the cat, is extremely shy but may model reluctantly for Bowtix in exchange for some treats! Follow him on Instagram @rice.thecat!

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